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Video analysis of your rowing stroke

.....for each rower who wants to move forward fast

How powerful the medium video is, is demonstrated time and again in the single scull courses in Ratzeburg and the Saar. Frequently the rowing technique of the participants is filmed, analysed and discussed. Followed by highly focused practice exercises in order to improve step by step. And with success, many rowers have greatly improved their rowing technique in this way.

A few strokes is enough to get a picture of your rowing stroke and gives sufficient information to improve your rowing technique permanently according to a meticulous plan. A sharp analysis in combination with highly targeted exercises and clear instructions, is the specialty of Carla Beekman and forms the basis for changes and new insights.

During the courses the video recordings are always of great interest, but also outside these courses a great amount of interest exists. Therefore Carla offers the opportunity to watch together and discuss videos of your rowing stroke online. Of course, after you get a well directed technical exercise to work on!

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