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Carla Beekman sculls since 1972 and participated 6 years in competitionrowing. Since 1980 she provides instruction to individual rowers and crews. She started this at the Amsterdam Rowingclub 'Willem-III' and gained experience over the years, for example at the Craftsbury Sculling Centre (US). In 1992 Carla initiated the European Sculing Camp in Ratzeburg (G), where she provided the opporunity for average scullers to - within the surrounding of topfacilities and professional coaches - improve their technique.

In the nineties Carla worked during several summerseasons at the Austrian rowingclub 'Ruderclub Wolfgangsee'. Here she was also involved in the project for schoolkids to start rowing. In the Netherlands she re-activated the Fifty-Fit-Project at a rowingcentre in Amsterdam, for people above fifty to start rowing. For several Dutch rowingclubs she gives single scull clinics; besides she gives clinics for rowing instructors.

In the meantime the organisation of combined holiday and sculling technique weeks increased quite a bit. In 2011, next to Ratzeburg a second location - also in Germany- at the Saar has been realised. That immediately resulted in a tripling of the number of participants to even more than 170 in 2012! Meanwhile, the long-held plans to also offer a sculling course in southern Spain is in full development. Early November 2013 a successful first pilot week was held.

In 2014 rowers will be able to get instruction from Carla Beekman through the internet. Along with the rower she discusses and analyses the online slow motion video of the rowing stroke. Then targeted technical exercises are given. She also explores the possibility of offering the sculling technique courses nearby house in Amsterdam. The latter -crazy enough- is perhaps the most ambitious project, but who knows....










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