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For rowing clubs Carla Beekman offers special compact sculling clinics taking three days. By doing this she meets the demands of rowers, who are not able to find sufficient initial or advanced instruction and coaching within the rowing club.

The compact and intensive set-up of the clinics had great results on the learning effect. Participants experienced it like a new impulse that lasts a long time. The compact way, by for example just taking an extended weekend, was also considered to be a nice compromise between otherwise having to take too many holidays from work and now still being able to follow an intensive sculling course.

For rowing clubs it is possible to offer one or more clinic(s) for her members. While the set-up is compact, the organisation can be simple and quick. The clinics can therefore be offered and realised within short time.

Clinics for rowing- and scullinginstructors

Carla Beekman organizes clinics for rowing- and sculling instructors. Besides theory and practical exercises, the skills of the instructors are being analysed by using video recordings. This clinic is an excellent way to pay attention to a series of important basic skills for giving rowing instruction. The organisation of the clinic can be quick and simple and will inspire the instructors to start or continue their lessons in a fresh way and develop their skills.








Sculling clinics
-participants: 6 or 7
-price in consultation
-demanded boats: single-sculls, skiffs and C-1
-demanded rowingwater: possibilty to make videorecordings
-demanded room: equiped to give theory and watch videorecordings

Clinics for sculling- and rowinginstructors
-participants: 6-12

-price in consultation

- if more clinics are organised for one rowinglcub, or for more rowingclubs in the same area there will be a discount.

do you want to organize a clinic at your rowingclub, please mail to:



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