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.......improve your sculling technique in the single scull!

If you want to improve your rowing technique the single scull is one of the most suitable boat types for this. The single scull passes on exactly what you are doing. Taking the time to practice the different elements of the rowing stroke precisely and extensively is essential. Once you can feel the differences between a perfect technique and a lesser variant, then nothing is in your way to improve yourself in a short time.

Of course the camera is an essential part of the course. Often is the way you scull not the way you think you scull. That is why in the morning sessions your rowing technique will be video taped followed by analyses. These analyses are used for individually adjusted exercises. You are practicing these elements yourself while being watched and instructed by the coach.

Being concentrated and focused for a few days in a row, you experience the balance, the different elements of the stroke, the rhythm, as if it is magnified by a lens. Is this the case, then you will be able to scull with more feeling, mostly by in time and subtle corrections.

Before you know it, you scull very relaxed and the skiff glides gently through the water as never before.


In principal we scull in competition single sculls.


rowing Andalucia


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