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......... improve your sculling technique!

If you want to improve your rowing technique, the single scull is one of the best boat types on hand. The scull gives you all signals of what your are doing. Crucial is to take your time to experience the different parts of the rowing stroke and practice this thoroughly and accurately. Once you recognise the difference between a perfect stroke and a less perfect stroke, then nothing stands in your way to improve quickly.

No doubt the camera is of essence. All too often people think they row perfect, but the truth is different. That is why videos of your rowing stroke will be taken in the morning from a motorboat, which will be analysed after the session. This will be used for individually based instructions which will be further explained and trained on the water at the start of the afternoon session. The instructors will keep an eye on you when you go practising the new learned technique.

By rowing a few days so intensely and concentrated, you experience the balance, the different facets of the stroke, the feeling of the single scull and the rhythm as being magnified. If this is the case, then you can make the smallest corrections exactly in time to perfect your stroke.

Before you know it, you row perfectly relaxed and your single scull will slice beautifully through the water as never before.


During the week, each participant will be assigned a single scull, which will be adjusted in a proper way. The sculls used are owned by the Ruderakademie Ratzeburg.


rowing Ratzeburg

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